New project in full swing

  • 17. June, 2022
  • Ondrej Zošiak
  • Projects

Slavia Production Systems has been awarded a project for a major manufacturer of agricultural equipment from the Czech Republic. Our task is to provide a complete turnkey solution for a fully automated welding and production line. Slavia covers the entire process, including design, production of the line, testing and also installation directly at the customer’s site. Our customer’s goal is fully automated production of tractor attachments.

linka agr | Slavia Production Systems a.s.
Layout of the line

A reliable partner for the production of agricultural machinery

Slavia Production Systems a.s. also supplies welding lines and jigs for manufacturers of agricultural equipment. In case of higher series of manufactured parts we design and manufacture jigs for robotic welding. Jigs can be used with manual or pneumatic clamping. They can be supplied including positioners with servo drives controlled by the robot for synchronous movement or via PLC for positioning. In automated solutions, the positions of the clamps are sensed (whether manual or pneumatic clamping) to prevent their possible collision with the welding torch. In an automated welding process, the welding torch paths and part positioning are simulated in a Process Simulate software environment.

Robotic cell

As part of the testing of individual processes, part of this line will be built in our production hall. Subsequently, after the tests, all fully functional equipment will be installed at the customer’s site.

agro 1 | Slavia Production Systems a.s.

The complete handover of the project and commissioning of the line at the customer’s site is planned for the beginning of 2023.