Welded sub-groups of train cars

This category includes all jigs or equipment for the manufacture of subassemblies of bodies of trains – chassis frames, lower frames pre-assemblies, central parts of lower frames, longitudinal and lower frame assemblies, sidewalls, fronts and roofs and their subassemblies.

The largest welding and straightening jigs that we supplied to our customers spanned 4 x 30 m.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, the jigs are equipped with manual or pneumatic clamps. If a higher clamping force or pre-loading is required, the jigs can be supplemented with hydraulic clamps.

Our solutions also include ergonomic studies and studies of accessibility of the welding torch to welds, as well as calculations of bends and stiffness of frames using the finite element method.

Full construction of a train car

Following the welding of the main train car subassemblies, the entire train car is subsequently constructed in the main assembly jig. The subassemblies of the lower frame, the sidewalls, the roof and the fronts are installed inside the jig. The parts must be precisely positioned with respect to each other and then welded. Our solutions include platforms enabling production operators to move around the train car on several elevation levels.

In the stations that follow, small parts are welded and positioned. These stations consist mainly of multi-level platforms allowing accessibility for stabilising all parts.

Automated lines

For short production times, we can design automated workplaces designed for robotic welding of parts (including preheating). Our solutions may include automatic weld inspection, cleaning or milling of welds, automatic handling of parts and measuring dimensions. The workplace may be supplied with parts in batches allowing for smooth operation throughout one or more work shifts.

Clamps – jigs for machining parts

In some cases, it is not possible to achieve the required parts precision by welding. In such cases, the weldments can be machined on machine tools. Our solutions also include the design and manufacture of clamping jigs for machining parts. Our clamping elements are designed to withstand strong clamping forces and eliminate vibrations during machining and thanks to a guard they feature, they can be easily cleaned after chip machining.

Mounting – Fitting

Once the structure has been assembled and painted, installation of train cars equipment – the windows, the wiring, and the individual elements of equipment starting from the floor, the toilet, seats, switchgear cabinets, transformers, trolleys, etc., follows. We supply the necessary manipulators and assembly platforms, including the manipulators and lighting that go with them.

Transport pallets

For the purpose of transporting subassemblies to another production plant, we design and manufacture specialized transport pallets. These allow quick and easy loading and unloading of parts. During transport, the components are protected by transport tarpaulins. Transport pallets can be designated for train or truck transport. The design caters to individual customer requirements.