Body parts – jigs

This category includes all jigs or equipment for the production of car bodywork sub-groups, which are most often constructed from thin sheets. These are products used for the resistance welding of parts – with welding tongs or, in the case of aluminum bodies, with riveting tongs. As part of the jigs design, we also offer the option of making strength analyses of the stiffness and bending of the jig frames, as well as simulation of the welding process with an option of calculating the production cycle and making ergonomic studies.

Body parts – turnkey solutions

Should the customer request a complete turnkey solution, we plan all the processes, calculate the necessary production cycle time and deliver all the technologies needed. Subsequently, we simulate the reach of robots, construct jigs and tentacles to ensure the necessary geometry of parts and their transfer between individual production steps. Parts may be loaded directly into jigs by the operators or robots, depending on the degree of automation.

Our turnkey solutions result in a fully functional automated production line or cell. The delivery also includes the process of quality assurance of welds and fine-tuning dimensions of parts. Should the customer request so, we also provide support during production start-up.

Automobile axles

We design and plan lines producing steel or aluminum axles for cars. The production line design includes planning, simulation, layout design, development of welding jigs, PLC and robot programing, as well as installation and fine-tuning directly at the customer’s. Important elements of our solutions are also automatic weld inspection technologies or 100% part measurement. In cooperation with subcontractors, we can integrate machining technologies, laser cutting of parts, riveting, resistance welding of nuts and bolts, pressing, punching or resistance spot welding.

Car Seats

Design and manufacture of welding jigs, cells, and automated lines for welding seats. Typical for the jigs is a large number of small parts and wires that need to be clamped, positioned and detected in the jig. With such a large number of parts, it is also necessary to provide poka-yoke solutions to prevent misplacement of parts. The delivery includes simulations of the welding torch availability for individual welds, fine-tuning the quality of welds and dimensional quality of parts.

Central tubes

A type of parts similar to seats is the central tube located transversely under the car control panel. We design and supply jigs and cells for welding central pipes of passenger cars.

Installation of bogies

Workplaces and jigs for the installation of chassis, engine, axles, steering, exhaust pipe, tank and subsequent installation of the chassis on the car body. We design individual assembly workplaces and jigs for the application of screwdrivers with control and storage of tightening torques.

Installation of doors and the bonnet

Assembly lines for assembling car doors and bonnets, as well as the final adjustment of the gaps alongside the parts of the body that can be opened. The jigs include integrated tighteners with tightening torque control. Line planning includes ergonomic studies, design of suspension systems for jigs and manipulators.