Chropynska is people – Kristina

Our colleague Kristína started gaining  experience in engineering companies already during her studies. In 2018, she started with a summer job at Chropynska, which eventually  turned into a full-time job. She successfully combined her studies with employment, which resulted in the  completion of 2 master theses at Chropynska.

Kristina – Head of Quality Department

Why did you choose engineering as a career path ?

Even as a young  child, I had  a relationship with technology that my father and grandfather brought me to. After graduating from high school, I considered the  possibility  of entering the job market and my future prospects. I consider the region of Podpolanie as my home and  therefore  I chose engineering  as the best alternative. I studied Production Engineering at the Faculty of Technology  of the Technical University in Zvolen. Already during my studies I started to gain experience in engineering companies. In 2018, I started with a summer job in  Chropynska, which over time turned into a full-time job. At Chropynska, I combined theory with practice, which resulted in the development of 2 master theses in our company.

What do you like about your job ?

What I love most about it is its diversity.Chropynska delivers turnkey solutions and one is constantly encountering something new. Each project is unique and  brings with it new technology requirements, new ways of measuring, testing, new customer requirements and new challenges. To be competitive and innovative in this  rapidly evolving segment is no easy task. I also want to highlight the great working team of the quality department . As the youngest  member of the team, I feel the support of my colleagues. We help each other and pass on our experience.    

What is the ratio of women to men in the quality department ?

As the only department in production, the ratio of women to men is 50/50. This ratio is  absolutely balanced and brings different perspectives to the problems we face on a daily basis in the quality department.

What does your normal day look like ?

There is no such  thing as an ordinary day at my job. Every day is something different. We are  currently working on the implementation of a new  augmented reality software solution. This is to be used for the inspection of complex  welded components and eventually the output  inspection of the completeness of finished fixtures. In my job I undergo many audits  from certification companies, customers and suppliers. I am involved in evaluating and seeking corrective action from complaint procedures. I organize regular meetings where we solve problems related to quality, but also various other areas. I am constantly learning new things. This position encompasses a wide range of issues from the engineering and management spheres.

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How do you spend your free time ?

I’m an  active person and I have an incredible amount of hobbies. Sometimes it’s really hard to fit everything together. I like to spend my free time with my family, my boyfriend and my dog Zara. Together we enjoy hobbies like beach volleyball, hiking, biking, canicross or skijoring.

What would you say  to young girls, women who are thinking of studying engineering  or working in engineering ?

Definitely go for it! You need to prepare yourself for a dose of patience in the beginning with the classic prejudices, but if you don’t get discouraged, you’ll be rewarded with a promising and interesting job for life.