Quality policy

The highest value of the company is long-term customer service and customer satisfaction. This is achieved through the set objectives of the quality policy. Chropynska Slovakia a. s. has implemented a system of quality management according to ISO 9001:2015.

Principles of quality policy

The company’s top management guarantees that the entire system is properly maintained and continuously improved. The organization, the management, and the activities of the company are fully interconnected with the system of quality management, with the main emphasis placed on ensuring high quality of products, solutions and services delivered, and on the management of the company’s human resources. At the same time, top management ensures that this system is in constant compliance with the relevant legal requirements and other requirements to which the organisation has committed itself.

Chropynska Slovakia a. s. management undertakes to comply with the following principles for maintaining and continuous improvement of the quality system:

  • all processes inside the company are in full compliance with the applicable legislation and related regulations,
  • processes inside the company are set up so that the output is a quality product,
  • suppliers of materials and services are selected carefully so as to ensure the quality and compliance of the output products with the legal requirements at all times,
  • processes inside the company are adapted to the current customer requirements,
  • workers are trained and their professional skills are enhanced through continuous learning,
  • the number of non-conforming products and complaints from the customer are minimised,
  • potential non-compliance is prevented by introducing preventive measures.

Top management of Chropynska Slovakia a. s. undertakes to create the necessary human, financial, and material resources for compliance with the principles adopted by this quality policy.