Specialized production lines

We design or manufacture according to the supplied documentation complete specialized production lines. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. We design, manufacture, program, install, and commission production lines according to the customer’s requirements. Our solutions also include a safety concept and support in production.

Single-purpose machines

We design single-purpose machines as parts of production lines. Based on the assignment, they can carry out machining, assembly or other functions. The single-purpose machines include pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical components, control and visualization units. Troubleshooting at the customer’s can be done through remote access.

Welding jigs for general-purpose products

We design and manufacture universal welding jigs designed for production of electrical switchgear cabinets, waste containers, fuel or exhaust pipes or other welded products.


Given our production program, a part of our solutions often include manipulators. They serve as an accessory to welding jigs. Their function is to station the parts in a suitable welding position in order to achieve high weld quality. We are dedicated to developing single-axis (manual control) and multi-axis (electric control) positioners for manual welding. The load capacity and torque is optimized according to customer requirements. We supply positioners for robotic cells or lines equipped with servo drives that are controlled by a robot or a PLC control.

Parts feeding

We have developed a specialized device serving the needs of automatic insertion of parts into automated welding lines. The production operator loads small parts into the device, which can be subsequently unloaded by the robots in an automated cycle for assembly or into jigs. The device allows the parts to be loaded without interrupting the operation of the line and can supply the line for several hours. The automated line control opens a fully loaded pneumatically operated drawer and the robot removes parts until the drawer is emptied. It then closes the emptied drawer with a pneumatic cylinder and opens a new, fully loaded drawer. With a signal light, the device signals an empty drawer waiting to be replenished by the operator. The operator presses the button to unlock the drawer and pulls it out for loading the parts.