Mounting riveting preparations for aircraft parts

We design and manufacture jigs for the assembly of wings and parts of aircraft hulls. The designs include static calculations of the stiffness of structures, as well as ergonomic studies. Our customers are leading suppliers of Airbus, Boeing, Aero Technologies, Aircraft Industries and others.

Drilling jigs

The assembly and riveting jigs include drilling templates enabling drilling of riveting holes directly in the jig or part.

Transport pallets

Due to distances between individual Airbus assembly plants, assembled subassemblies of wings or other mounting subassemblies need to be transported. Transport pallets are used for such purpose. When designing them, we take into account the weight of the transported parts and calculate the load capacity, e.g., through the finite element method.

Assembly platforms – space program

Chropynska Slovakia a. s. also has experience with the production and installation of jigs for carrier rockets or space program.