Chropynska is people – Martin

In this blog we will bring you an interview with a member of the Chropynska team every month. We will bring you stories in which our employees will play the main role. These people will differ by job position, years spent in the company, experience or age. Each of the stories will be unique, but they will have one thing in common. Together they create our common one, the story of Chropynska .

Martin – Project manager

You are a graduate engineer in mechanical engineering. What made you study engineering ?

I have always been interested in technology and that is why I decided to go to a secondary vocational school of electrical engineering. I continued my university studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Žilina. I was attracted by the interest and applicability of technical education and its application in practice.

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Can you tell us about how you found out about Chropynska and how you remember your beginnings in the company ?

After successfully completing my studies at university, I started looking for a job. I saw an advertisement from Chropynska in a local newspaper. I went for an interview where I found out that 3 of my friends and former classmates worked there. I joined the company in 2014 as a Design engineer.

Describe your career progression at Chropynska Slovakia.

I started as a Junior designer. After 2 years I worked my way up to Senior designer. This position brought with it more responsibility, managing a team of design engineers and working on larger projects. I stayed in this position for 4 years and since 2020 I have been working as a Project manager.

What is your role in your current position ?

Project management from start to handover to the customer. This includes initial contact with the customer, developing quotations and working with my design colleagues on designs, programming the line and robots, with production colleagues through to our site supervisors who will provide installation on site at the customer’s site.

What challenges do you face at work ?

Every project is specific and different. Sometimes it’s demanding customer requirements or the implementation of new systems and procedures. Of course, in recent times, the delivery times of purchased parts and materials. My work often requires travelling within Europe, which is sometimes difficult to combine with family life.

How has Chropynska changed since your arrival ?

The whole company has grown in number of people and size of projects. The design department where I started has gone from 15 design engineers to an engineering department with a team of over 50 people. Our team consists of design engineers, electrical designers, roboticists, programmers, project managers and site managers. Chropynska has moved from small projects of simple welding jigs to complex automated welding lines. We are working on much larger projects than a few years ago.

How do you rate the working environment and the team you work in ?

I appreciate that I work in a young and dynamic team. As a project manager, I often work with colleagues from production who are always willing to help. I have known some of them since my early days as a junior designer. The company regularly organises sports days where all employees and their families are invited. It’s a good way to relax and deepen relationships with colleagues outside the workplace.

Where do you see Chropynska in 5 years ?

I am confident that we will continue to move forward and be able to take on larger projects and become one of the best automated line suppliers in Europe.

What would you say to young people who are thinking of working in engineering or going to vocational schools ?

Go for it! It’s interesting work and the demand for graduates is growing. The prospect of employment and placement is extremely high.