Chropynska is people – Dušan

Our colleague Dušan has been working in Chropynska for more than 30 years. He started as an apprentice, spent most of his time working on the WKV coordinate boring machine and for the last 3 years he has been leading practical training of dual education students. Dusan told us about his beginnings, how he thinks Chropynska has changed over the years, if he has any talent in the program and much more.

Dušan – Head of Practical Training

Can you describe what your job entails ?

Three years ago we launched  a dual education programme at Chropynska. The aim is to involve secondary vocational school students in practice in a real company. Every year we select 6 to 8 students from the Secondary Vocational School in  Detva to participate in the programme. The first and second year practical classes take place on the school premises. In the third and fourth year, the students already spend almost half of their time in practical classes at Chropynska. My job is to teach them as much as possible.

What do you teach students in  programme ?

Everything (laughs). The students work in a separate workplace that is adapted to the needs of practical teaching. We try to include a wide range of tasks in the process. This includes locksmithing, working on the lathe, milling machine, flat grinder, they also have  a welding station and a 3-axis CNC machining centre.

Do you remember your beginnings in  Chropynska ?

I started out just li ke my students. In 1988 I joined Chropynska as an apprentice. I started by working on the milling m achine, then I worked mainly on the WKV coordi nate boring machine. Now I have been working for 3 years as a Head of Practical Training. Except for one year when I worked abroad I have been in Chropynska for 33 years.

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“Engineering has great potential, so we need to invest in quality education and popularisation  of this field to the young generation.”

Do you have any talent curre ntly in the programme?

We have bright students who are  interested in  working in engineering. Currently one student stands out as he is skilled in all areas taught. Other students are also good, but each in a different area.

Over the years spent in Chropynska,  you can certainly tell what is good and  what needs to be improved..

People and times have changed. But that’s probably true everywhere. I certainly assess positively the renewal of the machinery, the production hall, the canteen and the overall modernisation of the company’s premises.  Not  everything is ideal in any company, and we are no exception. From  my point of view, it would be beneficial to improve communication between  management and production employees.

What would you say to your younger colleagues ?

Good luck and  patience. Unfortunately, in  recent years we have seen a declining influx of young qualified people into the industry. We are also trying to remedy this with our dual training programme. Mechanical engineering has great potential, so we need to invest in quality education and  popularisation of this field for the younger generation.

How do you like to spend your free time ?

In  today’s hectic times, it is important to relax. I like to go to nature  and spend time with my  family. My hobbies include cars  and driving  and I also like to enjoy a coffee or a beer with  friends.